We are the key that unlocks a network of talent in the design industry.

The core value of our service is based on our relationships; we are committed to every party’s best interest in the project, from artisans and procurement agents to designers and investors.

Our Firm

Who we are

Vision & Values

We envision Amass & G as a platform for Mexican artisans, using our design skills to position them in the international market, creating sustainable long-term relationships between designers, procurement agents, artisans and developers.


  • To make projects profitable.
  • Attention to detail.
  • To collaboration.
  • To a personalized service.
  • To look after your interests.
  • To give access to the best kept secrets of the industry.


  • Sustainable relationships.
  • Design implementation.
  • Design intent guarantee to completion of the project.


  • Time optimization.
  • Fair trade, design & or product vs. investment.